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{July 17, 2013}   yipes!

Yipes… 3 months pass by quickly.

I met my fathers family last month and while mom was taking care of my furbabies the house back home was robbed and surfice it to say but i think the local police dept needs to be sued for 1.) failing to up hold sworn duties. 2.) contaminating a crime scene (it’s been a month and they STILL have not dusted for prints or taken photo evidence. Not that it would do any good now as old as it is). 3.) accorsory after the fact since by not gathering evidence and investigating the crime the criminals who commited the crime got away.

i’m in the proccess of getting back into school but pensacola state college has yet again failed to send my transcripts in a timely manner (it took them 18 mos AFTER my last class day, to send the transcripts to another school in the area. it was 26 months AFTER i had originally requested them for that school). not that i’m surprised at this point when it comes fro “people jas chillin” (pjc was their original name prior to the “state” being added for their 2 b.s degree programs being added in 2010). attending pjc was the WORST choice i’ve ever made.

i’m hoping to get a new job again, still working at the fram but i’ve hit the point that i’m tired for having to go behind my “coworkers” and do 3/4 days of additional work on top of my duties, and having to field complaints about how this other girl is not taking care of the boarders horses correctly.

i’ll try and update again when i get the chance.



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