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{March 13, 2013}   Where Tears Are Many

Just spoke with mom today and was told my Aunt Wilda who suffered from the stroke back in October(?) is being brought home by my cousin of some degree. Aunt Wilda is refusing to eat now, along with the lingering effects from the stroke and her alztimers, we suspect that she has given up the will to live. Growing up I remember Aunt Wilda would ALWAYS make 2 huge pots of homemade chicken and dumplins for me when mom and I came to my grandparents. Aunt Wilda was also the person who got me into collecting angels and cat figurines. I’m sad that the stroke wiped away 20+ years of her memories and that she will be dying with people that she doesn’t remember around her, but I hope that she will feel our love. I know that I will see Aunt Wilda in heaven when I get there, but that won’t help the pain of her passing here and now. She will leave my granny as the last “Corken”, which mean both of my grandparents will be orphans here on earth now. I know it won’t be easy on any of us, but I do ask everyone to keep my family in prayers that God will keep his promise to wipe away every tear from our eyes. Thanks.


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