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{November 5, 2012}   Bird of Pray

Two weeks ago I went home to take care of my mom because she had surgery on her leg again. I was able to stay at home until the last Sunday of October and was able to attend the church that I grew up in. One of the dear ladies in the choir sang the following song: . While this song was being sung I was struck by the line where it talks about “rise up like an eagle” and thought about eagles flying. For those of my readers who have never seen a bird of prey circling in the sky, I’m sorry I can’t describe the majesty or freedom that they seem to have in the sky. but what are they really doing circling in the sky? I like to think that these majestic birds are looking for an opportunity to get an easy meal or being on the look out for something that could threaten their nests and babies.

If these hyposis are correct then how are these birds any different from the way that I as a christian am supposed to live? In Matthew 25:14-30 Christ told the parable of the talents. In this parable it speaks of a man who left the country he lived in and gave 3 of his servants different amounts of talents, the first servant her gave 5 talents, the second servant was given 2 talents, and the third servant was given 1 talent. The man then left on his journey in the belief that his servants would make use and grow the wealth they were given. The first went and traded (what was traded is not the point) but he gained 5 more talents from this trade. The second servant also did something with what he was given and gained another 2, the third man however thought that because he only had 1 that it would be pointless to look for an opportunity to gain more than what he had and so buried the 1 talent he was given and gained nothing. The owner/master returned from his trip and inquired after what he had left his servants and the servants gave their reports. The first two the master was pleased with what they had accomplished but the third because he had wasted the opportunity to gain more  the master was put-out with to say it nicely.
How is that different from what we as christians do? God places people and things and sends us places trusting us to trust his plan for us. How many of us question God when we follow what we think he’s telling us only to question him when we don’t get that job that we need, or the house ends up falling through or nothing seems to work the way we think it should (i KNOW i do). Could it be that we should “rise up like the eagle and soar” with Christ? Could those failings be God granting us a chance to look for opportunities in which to serve those around us and bring honor and glory to him? In verse 30 the  following is said: “And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” By this point most of my friends and family know that I’m against the “works” doctrine where a persons salvation is dependant on what they do not who they believe in. They also know that although I believe that we as christians should go and witness to people, I don’t think that just telling people about Christ and that they will go to hell if they don’t accept him as Lord, is the right way and that’s because so many “christian talk the talk but don’t walk the walk so when they tell people their beliefs and testimonies it’s kinda difficult to get the unsaved on the saved side because of the thoughts of  “well I see you doing everything I do, but your supposed to set a different example” type thinking. But that doesn’t give me a pass to bury my talent and not try to find the opportunity to do what God trusted me with and commanded me to do.

So what are we to do? I think the first step many of us need to do is…pray. How many times have I asked God “why” and not asked “where” instead of asking why isn’t this working out maybe I should be asking where should I be working? Could it be that I am in the right place but not the right mind frame? What would happen if I asked the God of heaven and earth to show/allow me a opportunity, how radically different would my life and the world be? If I would just wait (again w/ the patience thing?!) God would most likely blow my mind. All I have to do is “rise up like the eagle, and I will soar with you, your spirit leads me on.” I have to get my butt up in the air and look for what’s around me . As you can tell God has REALLY been stepping on my toes this year. Can I challenge you to try this a week with me? Let’s see what the Lord of  Heaven and Earth can do with a week.


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