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{October 20, 2012}   Back to Reality

I’m still looking for a second job, which is now more important since the school that had conditionally accepted me as out-of-state last year has decided that they don’t want me (or my thousands of dollars) for the 2013/2014 school year. I’m weighing my options in regards to that, whether to try to get into a local community college or to work for another two years and try to get into my first choice school for the 2014/2015 year (which would put me graduating around the age of  29/30, which could qualify me for more scholarships since I would be a minority at the school by being an older female”). To do that though would put my chosen career in jeopardy though because to become a Nashville police officer you have to get in and through boot camp by 30/35.

Mom is having surgery this coming Thursday on her leg again. Her leg has continued to swell which caused concern since it’s been about 4 yrs since she broke her ankle, an ultrasound was done on her leg and it was determined that her valves in her veins weren’t working right (blood goes down but not back up), so this surgery is supposed to  fix the valves.

My family has experienced another death this year, my great-aunt Joy who lived not too far from mom and I died a few months ago, her death leave my grandpa as the last surviving member of his family. My great-aunt Wilda suffered a serious stroke about a month ago and is very slowly recovering the use of her left side, but it was serious enough that I told my boss that if I got a call I would be heading to my grandparents, but thankfully aunt Wilda is getting better.

One of my cats has been sick, so I’m taking her to the vet soon in an attempt to find out why she is sick since I can’t find a reason, and to attempt to lower my shopping and water bill (I’ve gone through 6 gal. of bleach in a week, due to her using the bath tub instead of the litter box).

Still mourning the loss of Downhere, and that will probably last a while since it’s just now sinking in. I was luck to see my brothers in concert one last time in a nearby city. I do need to admit that my car will be thankful since I won’t be driving hundreds of miles every few months to get to concerts any more, but I will miss the traveling and “mental sanity” vacations.

With everything that’s been going on in the past few months I’m glad to say that 2012 is officially on its way out and can be tossed in the garbage bin of history never to be seen again. My faith has taken knocks and been reaffirmed only to get shoved off the mountain again. It’s been a year of growth and worry. We’ll see how the rest of the year goes, and then will look forward to 2013.


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