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{August 19, 2012}   summer 2012 update

Ok, i know this is LONG over due….well so much has happened, where to start? I gues the biggest tid bit is that i moved from the house that i had been concived in and into my own place over 6/7 hours away. The move went fairly well, execpt that my move in was a bit bumpy due to a computer issue, it had showed that my unit would be open on june 18, but the tenant before me didn’t move out until the 18th so the company that owns the apartment had to put me in the corpreate unit for a week….i’m still working w/ horses only now i’m learning about the breeding and sales side of the horse world. I am looking for a 2nd job but i’m getting the “your over quailfied due to having some college but no degree, but also being under quailified for the same reason” or i’m getting the “you need more experence”, just a hint…people won’t get the level of experince that you want unless you or someone gives them the chance to gain that experince, but then what do i know being almost 23. Being on my own is nice since i can stay out however long i want and not have to worry about being quiet if i get in late, but got i got to admit… the quality of the food is iffy at best (i’ve haven’t landed myself in the er yet, which is a blessing). More recently i have been in mourning for i got an email from the best christian rock band in the world ( if you’ve been to my blog before, i’ll give 1 guess to who it is) is breaking up and as of january 1 will no longer be proforming together or making music together execpt on a rare occasion if they feel god calling them to it. This band has been such apart of my life for the past 10 yrs that it was a shock and got to admit a great crash diet….i swear i lost 5 pounds that first week following the email, but it may have been water weight from crying. I’m still struggling to come to terms w/ this.


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