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{March 1, 2012}   “Problem With The World Is Me”

“The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none” Thomas Carlyle

Some people seem to believe that when someone claims to be a christian that person develops a “holier than thou” complex…and some do, however being a christian by no means makes a person perfect. We’re not SINless , but we can sinLESS…. One of the biggest things I struggle with as a christian is my pride, I do not believe that a person who is perfectly capable of working should receive food stamps or a check from the government every month. The next biggest thing I struggle with is my hard time of giving mercy to others, I have met some people who for some airheaded reason told me that cheating on one’s husband/bf was something that was joke worthy material, while I have forgiven them I still struggle with how I trust their word and am also very hypocritical of the way that interact with them; I have seen these people make fun of someone just because of the job that was held, when this person claimed that a guy had to be homosexual because they worked as a make-up artist, I asked this person if that ment that a female cop or firefighter must also be homosexual, to which the reply that I received was that “that’s different” , in that same conversation where they called this guy a homo and said that his worked sucked they also bragged about going to my church and about going to a well-known “christian” school (which is well-known for the pharisees it tends to produce), some of you might be able to see why I have a problem with these people but I ask how is this any different from what I do on a daily basis?

On any given day I may let loose some choice words while in traffic and I might claim to be doing something other than what I’m really doing. Or I might get snippy with my mother or be disrespectful to her behind her back (I’m an eye roller),or I might look at someone on the street and jump to conclusions about what brought them to live on the street. I might see a story on the news that make my blood boil and I get angry and wish that the worst thing will happen to the person that did whatever it is that made the news, I could get jealous of people who are better off that I am and wish that our places were switched even though I don’t know exactly what it is that they are going though.

To God all of my sins no matter how small are just as big as the sins of a killer rapist; there is no such thing as a “little white lie”, it’s still a lie. If everyone were to give up gossip for lent how do you think the world would be in 40 days? Many things are started because of gossip. What if we gave up judging others before we knew them? How about giving up lying (politics might be tolerable)? Or what about giving up on our tempers? The issue lies not in what is wrong in the world but in what is wrong in me and in how I respond to the situations that I face. So I ask my readers to think what problems do you face and how do you project the perfectness of Christ.

title: Problem by Downhere, Ending Is Beginning album 2008, Centricity Records


Emily says:

Definitely thoughts to ponder. Thanks for being honest and thanks for the reminder.

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