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{January 17, 2012}   Have I Left A Legacy?


the following is a song called Legacy, and i think this is a good place to start this blog

Nicole Nordeman

Today while shopping at a local mall with my mom, I happened to go into a store where a former NJROTC classmate of mine works, she and I got to talking [not that difficult 😉 ] and she mentioned some big things that were going on in her life and I hope that what I said to her reflected on who I am as a daughter of Christ. There is so much hurt happening in the world today, and to prove it, I  dare you to turn on any major news channel and watch for a few hours. People are debating whether those who receive welfare should take drug test to qualify just like many who work for a living are required by their jobs to take, people are debating when life starts and whether its ethical to have a abortion…where do these issues start and who should be responsable for trying to fix these issues?

I believe that these issues start way back at the beginning of time, when Adam at of the fruit from tree of good and evil after Eve tempted him with it, but who is now responsable for fixing the issues we face? The church has failed in it’s job…so people have turned to the government. One of the commandments that Christ gave to the church was to help the fatherless and widows…from experince I can attest to the fact that few churches have programs designed to minister to single parents or to people who have lost their parents from something other than old age…another thing the church was told was to “Love one another as Christ first loved you”…thats kinda hard to do when you have all these little cliques and people are starting rumors left and right or when you see someone who looks different from you and judge them based on nothing more that the style or band of clothing that they wear. I have visited a few churches over the years while traveling that NO one came to introduce themselves to visitors.

People judge the church and Christ himself by what we as “christians” (which means little Christ) say and do, now i’m not saying to have to be sinless but we can sinLESS. Sometimes all it takes is to live your life (which i find to be the best testimony, because it opens up questions as to WHY you act as you do, and not just talking the talk), while not everyone will fawn over you because you act nice (you’re not a christian to get your feathers stroked) and while you may be mocked or even killed in some places because you proclaim the word of Christ.

I think it’s time that we as a church take back our image and work to leave a better legacy than what we had coming into the faith. It’s time we got involved in the whats going on in the world and stop hiding our heads in the sand, or drowning ourselves when it rains because we have our nose in the air. Its time for us to vote and get involved in the lives of those hurting (whether the folks brought on themselves by bad choices or not). We need to do everything we can, because if we do not stand up for what is right and can define what “Truth” is then there will be no hope left for so many, the world in which we live will continue to get go to a doctor to get medicine to feel better, but you won’t feel better if you don’t take what the doctor gives you, and sometimes that medicine tastes nasty and is hard to swallow.

I’ve included the following  song by my favorite band called Downhere, the song is called The Problem and this song is from their 2008 album called Ending Is Begining

live profromance of The Problem

“There’s got to be some reason for all this misery. A secret evil corporation somewhere over sea. They’re pulling stings, arranging things. It’s a conspiracy!

Or what about the ones who shape the course of history?What if we petitioned for one grand apology? I’ll write to my prime minister, you write your president.

Everybody’s wondering how the world could get this way. If God is good, and how it could be filled with so much pain? It’s not the age-old mystery we’ve made it out to be. Yeah, there’s a problem with the world. And the problem with the world is me.

Some will say the devil and his legions. They put in a head lock of submission. But they lost all power over me. A long,long time ago.

And since I was a kid you know I’ve caused a lot of hurt. And no one ever taught me how to put myself first. It came so very naturally. But I’m nt a prodigy.

So I will look no further than a mirror. That’s where the offender hides. So great is my need for a redeemer. That I cannot trust myself. No, I cannot trust myself. I dare not trust myself. So I trust in someone else.

The sooner you can sing along. The sooner you can sing this song. The happier we’ll be. The problem with the world is me.”


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