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{December 21, 2011}   so the year ends

so the year 2011 comes to a close, in the past year life has change again and again. I’ve grown and matured. I’ve come to accept new truths about the world in which I live and the world in which I believe. I’ve accepted that to some I’m an unwanted intrusion and to others a blessing in a dark world. I continue to try to figure out who I really am…a few months ago I realized that I’m not like others my age, I have things that make me different, and those things are things that I will never be able to change. God has given me a spanking or two over the past year, he’s pointed out more faults in me that need to go, and he’s shown me how I’m sometimes hindering his work in other and that I need to let those people go no matter how painful to my heart it may be. I’ve given up dreams of things that I wish could be. and I’ve been reminded that even though it seems like I’ve lost t all that he’s still “my raincoat and everywhere I may go, I won’t get wet somehow” (Rain Coat,2001 Downhere cd)

maybe in the coming year I’ll learn even more and maybe, just maybe my heart will learn to heal a little bit quicker and I’ll stop dreaming of things which can not be. maybe in the coming year I’ll accept more of who I am and who I am becoming.we’ll just have to watch and see where the new year goes. so for the time being, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. may God of heaven and earth bring you much joy and peace for what is to come your way this year.


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