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{October 20, 2011}   update

as of late so much has been going on, i was recently laid off of work, mom may very well get laid off as well. moms car finally bit the dust after giving 1 too many of her “friends” 1 too many free taxi rides so she need to come up w/ about 1,000 dollars to have her engine fixed but in the mean time she plans on using my car to give these free loaders free taxi rides in my car, i wouldn’t have a problem with this if these people would give a little money to help cover gas (40 bucks a week just for me to get to work a week, and doing nothing else) and to help cover basic preventive care for the car like oil changes and tire rotaions but then again the reason they call mom is because unlike the taxi services or the city bus they don’t have to pay anything when she comes and gets them…so mom can pay for the gas and if my car ends up needing major repairs she’ll just have to tell these fat lazy free loaders to walk cause i can barely keep gas in my car just for me to get to work, so o well sucks for them, i can bike if i have to. i feel so much older than my years, went to a s.s. party and had to leave at 8 pm so i could be in bed by 9 and some of the new college kids were like “but your in college kate, why aren’t you gonna stay up with us til 1-2am?” my respons to that was that by being an only child i have responibilitys that they won’t be able to fathom until they are about 15 yrs older than they are now, so few of my friends understand what i go through on a daily basis because i am and only child and because my mother is in her 60s…..hoping to be able to destress a little next weekend when i go down to sfl to visit my older 1/2 brother and a friend of mine,but not sure if i’ll be able to compleately let go,


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