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{May 31, 2011}   awkward quitet moments

The awkward quiet moments, each in their own thought brought back memories of loved ones long depart.Dreams of blissful nights and wedding bells that could not be bought. Of  families that had left a gaping hole of misery. The moments stretched into eternity as each wandered in their separate misery not wanting to share a  burden to big for them alone to bury.The hurried looks of lustful longing, the quiet awkwardness of their youth that had passed into the gloom.
Dreams that could be if they’d only learn to share. Passioned nights clinging to the other, wanting to know that someone would always be there.
 The awkward quite  moment started yet again, each yearning to know the others deepest whim.The little things that made the other unable to sleep that night, of the fears lurking behind those sea blue eyes.The deepest fears which brought them to their knees hoping for the morning light. When the light finally came the rest that could overcome that darkness.A darkness so terrible that they had to cling to the other hoping for a rescue. The burning building in the night that happened on that fateful night, when they claimed the other for themselves.
 The night of clandised passion burned them to the core they could not go back but neither were they the same, they knew that the love had somehow changed  in ways that were somehow unfathomable, they each turned inward searching for the answer to what had just happened. Thus the awkward quiet moment passed in the eternity, each left to their own self mutilating desires. They were never the same without the other.Shrouded in darkness, her prince came into view. His triumpet laugher at his conquered foe, as he rushed to his treasure trove. His passion was so intense it worried her at first, but as she surrendered to the dream of having her prince so near, she knew that love was truly real. Their quiet awkward moments had pasted in to the void as they each learned that their love was yet unique. They choose to commit themselves to the other and stop running from their fate. For each was ment for the other it was just the blessed end of those quiet awkward moments and of the fear of the causing the other pain.


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