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{May 14, 2011}   sadness of the world

Theres a sadness in your eyes that I can not comprehend. How could life be that unkind. The darkness seems swallow all that you hold dear.Your fears have constant and you dare not trust again. For all that you’ve been through you’ve learned that life is not fair.Your troubles have been many and no-one seems the care,but there’s a light in the distance that’s shining just for you. He understands all your fears. He’s your knight in shining armor and your prince of  peace. He’s with you everywhere. His peace is an anchor that you can hold onto in the darkest storms. He’s the one you’ve always dreamed of and the light in your darkest hour. His love holds all that you could ever need.

You once believed in love but found that commitment wasn’t there. Now you’re dreaming of days gone by when you didn’t understand. That one night of passion cost you everything. You dreamed of once upon a times and of happily everafters but found that sadness was everywhere. You dried your eyes and tried to move on but the darkness inside took hold of you. How could life be any different. How could God love you? He’s the light in the darkness and the prince of peace.He’s running after you. He’s all you ever dreamed of. He’s the blessing that you need. He holds the key of happiness and to truth.

There’s a sadness in his eye that none can comprehend. His life was far from ordinary. He had a father that rules over all. His mother was a simple girl.  He was born in a manger lowly, and his birth was foretold. He walked among the lowest sinners, talked to the sickest, and mentored the weak. The crowd which loved him, crucified him. He hung upon a cross to forgive all your sins. He wants to carry all you burdens and bury your shame. He wants to be the light of hope in your eye. He wants to be your daddy, and your prince of peace. He wants to concur the sadness of your world. So run to the light, for he’s waiting for you. He’s got the hope of the world, he just needs a messenger. He’s waiting at the cross for you.


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