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{March 10, 2011}   thank you song

Thank for the tears I’ve shed. thank you for the love I’ve had. thank you for giving me today. thank you the chance to prove you live.

For these tears are my story and the proof that you can take care of every lil thing. this love is the reason that I can belive in a better place. this day gives me a chance to change a fellow-man. the reason you came was for us to live.

Thank you for the bumps in the road, thank you for the rain that lands, thank you for the beauty in this land. thank you for the shelter of your wings. thank you for the eagles wings.

 For it’s upon the eagles wings that I can soar. it’s the bumps that have given me a reason to surrender to the fall. the rain reminds me to dance for you alone. the beauty gives me a reason to sing your praises. it’s under your wings that I hide when I can’t fly.

Thank you for the little moments each day. thank you for the baby’s cry. thank you for the love of my life. thank you for all that I must try. 

 It’s in the moments that I can smile the moments of life that make me walk that mile. its the baby’s cry that make me yearn to see them smile, to teach them that life is great that your love is free, that it’s each moment that we must live to the last. it’s in the challenge that we find our faith, the hardest road is the test of  life. this challenge is what makes life great.

Lord thank you for this lovely gift. thank you for all that you’ve done for me. thank you for being my daddy, lord. I thank you lord. ahhh. thank you lord.


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