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{February 14, 2011}   love poems

American Dreamer

I’m an american dreaner, the american lover. the highest of flyers. i glide above the mountians high. i swim beheath the crashing waves. my love is constant my love is the glue that bonds all i hold dear. as i soar i hear all the cries of the broken hearted and all i sing their keening song from the moutains pricipice. i’m the ameican dreamer the american lover. i dance beheath the moonlight clear. i have a never ending passion. i dance and i sing to bare this soul of mine. america is mine and i am the lover of this land.

a winter dream

the stars shine so brightly above the cresant moon. i wonder if you see it and think of me as i think of you. the night is so terribly cold and i wonder what it’s like back at home. the solitude of this winter night makes me yearn for yester years when i was wrapped in you warm embrace. nights of passion and of tender words. a world where none but us existed. the warth of passion sufused my entire body. i felt every tingle. it felt as though spring was already here. the stars were so bright on those blessed nights. we were young but not yet old. we were filled with youthful lust. we thought that nothing could tear us apart. yet we let each other go. we said we changed but we just couldn’t deal with the relfection in the mirror. we never truely said goodbye. the night may yet hold passion for years to come.


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