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{February 7, 2011}   what ever happened?

It’s the Jewel that can’t be got that is the most Beautiful.  Irish Proverb

for the past few months as my life has continued to get more and more complicated, i’ve wondered in the few quiet moments, what happened to the people who i was once close to. you know the 1st bff from elementry school, and the 1st few guys who i ever had a crush on. i wonder where they are now, what they look like, if they’re still the same people that i “knew”.

i remember my very first the tender age of 8 i had a crush on a 3rd grader who came to my 2nd grade class for reading due to his learning disability..michael had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was diabetic….at the time he still thought we girls were yucky but…. a crush is a crush. then came nick…i rode the afternoon bus with nick. he was 5-7th grade while i was 3-4th grade ( i was at a private school for those 2 yrs). he had the brown hair and eyes that i now favor. he was also quiet. once while he got off he shook my hand, and yes that hand did not get washed for a few days. our bus driver and the aide during those 2 yrs would joke ( at our expesnse) that they would have to talk to the princpal to see if they could convince the administration to allow nick and i a “lunch date”. i was devistated when i found out 1/2 way through 4th grade that nick would not be returning to the school after a break. then there came the guys in the youth group when i went from 5th grade into the youth group in 6ht grade….only 1 of the 3 guys (who all at the time that i had crushes on them were in the h.s group while i was in the middle school group) ever talked to me like a human, when they either found out about my crush on them or figured out that i had a crush on them, they mostly avoided me….the 1 that didn’t did so because after about a year i got the guts to write a note to him telling him of my feelings and asked him to not treat me in that maner due to it causing more pain then plain rejection.

then there are days when i wonder what happened to my 1st bff…erin was a navy brat and she and i attened the same class from kindergarden to 1st grade, we were split up during 2nd grade but had other means of communicating. erin’s dad was transfered to another base during 2nd grade…the day erin came to my class to say good bye i was out sick..i never saw or heard from her again….i wonder where she is and what shes like now…she and i were like sisters…we were both in the (k-1) highest reading and spelling group together and well…lets just say that when you have someone to compeate with you do better. we were also both barbie girls and to hint at my age….those “High Flyers” they were fairies that had a base that if you pulled the string the fairy would spin really fast then lift out of the base. were at the hips during summer while we were both in summer school our teacher did a play on the rainbow fish, she pulled names out of a hat for the parts. the only 2 parts left were the rainbow fish and the little blue fish erin’s name got pulled before mine, making her the little blue fish….erin did not talk to me for 4 days she was so angery….i won her over after pointing out that in the book the little blue fish got my 1st scale and i promised to give her a big one that had the most glitter on it.

so what ever happened to these people, where are they now? those are questions to which i have no answer. i can just hope that where ever they are that they have every happyness that they could want and that they have been able to remain true to who they are, and to what they have become. if anyone of them read this…..good luck, i miss you.


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