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{January 22, 2011}   IMTA 2011 Poems


This is my dream, my one desire. This hope of mine’s so fragil. I’m dancin on a wire. A dream of Happyness and love. Your rejection has hurt me to the core, your not the last to see this heart of mine. A heart so trusting and so true.I trusted you but you broke my heart so now  imust leave you. Though the thought leaves me in despair. This is my dream my one true desire. My heart you’ve broken many times before, in this insanity I keep coming back to you. For you are this dream of mine. Your my one true desire. The hope of all that I hold dear. This was my dream in days gone by. The hope I held shattered all around. I’ve danced this dance on the wire.


This is the american dream, this is the american way. The dusty roads have led me to this place of peace.

The roads have been crooked, hard, and unkind. Your faithfulness has taught me whats in this life.

 The goodness of your heart let the light shine through. Your quiet presence calmed my raging fears. You saw me as I was but the pain was just too near. I want to let go but your loves just to strong.

This is the american dream, to have someone dear, that  hope that I held, I gave it all to you, so please hold dear to you.

1/15/11 the following is actually a song

Another day, another disappointment. Shot down, beat down, maybe I should just stay down. The pain and disappointment i can’t seem to bare.There is no room for hope in this meger heart of mine.

I’ve been shot down, beat down,, had my heart pulled out. Maybe I should just bow out, and take this heart of mine.

It’s no longer worth it, I’ve given you my all. I’ve gotta run away or risk this soul of mine.

I’ve been torn apart, broken hearted, forgotten and alone. This heart of mine is so cold and alone. Is it me or could it be that no-one truely loves me? I want to leave, to just be me, My heart is breaking, yet I no longer care. For I’m leaving my dreams behind.

Another day, another disappointment. God I’ve had to live another day. The sun goes down and I pray to leave this world behind. It’s another day


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