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{November 16, 2010}   what is love

people in today say that they love so many things, so I ask what is love? is it a feeling? an emotion? a state of being? is it something that is tangible? something that can be pinned down and defined? in the bible there are different types of love, the love between God and man, the love between parents and children, the love between a husband and wife. so again what is love? how does love form? can it be formed? how does it grow? does it grow? does it exist solely in humans or can animals be capable of love? love seems to be a complicated matter, something that is idealized during childhood in our overly disney romance story socity, but becomes unattainable as we grow up and face the harsh reality that at any moment the person/ people we love the most can choose to walk away, whether it’s for a short rest period or if it’s for good. many factors play into that as well. so what is love and how do certain people stay in love? the heart breaks so easily and develops scar which mar the next relationship. so is love even worth it? would it not be better to just procreate with no strings attached and accept what may come?


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