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{October 20, 2010}   “I Will Follow Your Voice” (Downhere)

this past sunday my pastor preached from Ephesians 5:17 and this sermon really spoke to me because at the moment I’m in a…..valley?…. anyway, a song from my favorite band (see title) speaks about how one can choose to listen to God’s calling if they don’t “…take advice from siniks, or listen to the word of fools, sure everyone has their own take on what I should do…” and in the sermon the point that landed home to me were

1.) sometimes the journey is important. God never lets things happen w/o sifting them first. a good example would be the things which I have gone though in order to become the person that I am today. God has used my father’s death early in my life to make me a family oriented person. he’s used an amazing band ( Downhere) to teach me how to trust and to open up to others outside of my family.

2.) Make sure things are right between self and God. if there is something that stops me from being in constant conversation w/ God 9 out of 10 times it’s something that I’m doing or not doing. I may be in a bad mood or something may happen which I get angry at God and question his….authority?… thankfully my God is big enough to handle my questions, and he is slow to anger so when I feel guilty about what happened later he’s quick to forgive me and to bring me back to a place of total “surrender”

3.) eliminate things that I know are not his will. things such as guys, even though it seems like so many of my friends are getting into relationships or getting married, I know that at this point in my life a guy is not what he wants for me, so I can get jealous, and feel lonely all I want, but the problem lies w/ me in that I’m occasionally trying to go for something that is not in his will  at the moment.

4.) pay attention to strong feelings & check/balances in my spirit. this is where my pursuit of acting comes in and why I’m heading to Los Angeles, CA for a week in January. At this time I feel like God is calling me into theater, I also feel like he is calling me to go to TN, but I have to be willing to take the plunge

5.) commit to obeying God. following him and obeying are 2 different things in my opion. and the difference comes in the attitude. I can follow any crowd and not agree w/ what they are saying or doing, but in order to truly obey them I have to commit myself to their philosophy be it good or bad and I’m personally more likely to obey if I agree w/ what is happening.

6.) enjoy living in God’s will. by enjoying the blessing then I will be able to bless others which would then lead to more blessings for myself ( selfish I know, but think about it like you would christmas..) it’s like christmas is more enjoyable for me now that I’m old because I enjoy giving gifts to my family (the kids in particular) to see the excitement in my baby cousins eyes when they rip the wrapping off the gifts I got them is like no other drug on this planet for me.   so by living a life of giving I’m able to enjoy living in his will.


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