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{October 15, 2010}   recent poems


My father up above choose me long ago. As his heart broke he thought of me this day. My brother he sent so very quietly. My brother changed the world for me. My father wanted me so he let my brother go. My brother sacrificed himself that others such as I could live. Why would they love me so? I have nothing that I can offer, naught but rags and stains. Why is it that they choose me? For there is naught that I can do. Why is it that they love me. I don’t deserve the crown.

As I stand upon this presipis I wonder who I am. This presipis has led me to a cross-road, Who am I to be. Where is it that you want me, lead me to the edge. For if I jump then I’m gonna land with in your strong embrace. I can vaguely see your face across this valley deep. I need the faith to make this suicidal leap. But is it truly suicide if  it truly is your will? The roads which led me here have been hard and full of turns, many nights I’ve back-tracked. Where is it that your leading me? Where am I to go? I am at this retched cross-road where I can see no blessed end. Give me courage that I may jump and feel the blessed blow.


Everytime I walk away, you wait for my return.No matter how far I seem to go, I always seem to turn around. Your arms are always open wide to receive me home again. You never shun me for my stains, you check me over and heal my broken parts. You love me continuously, why do I always leave? Why do I always fall for these same pitfalls. Why do you wait for me? Your spirit always chases me to get me to return. I can never hide from you, why do I even try? Lord I’ve walked away from you but now I wish to return.

What is my legacy? What is it that I’ve done? Have I served you faithfully? Have I led others to the truth? My days grow numbered, yet you hold them in your hands.You know the live that I must impact before my days are through. Lead me down the path that I may do a greater good. To lead someone back to you. Let me not boast or brag. Let me be a humble servant and leave a lasting good. Let others remember me for letting your love show.


This heart that beats so steadily, belongs to you alone. For you formed it out of clay and breathed life into me. You are my muse, my strong and mighty tower. You’ve hidden me beneath your wings. You’ve led me to this place. Now I must choose which path to take. Lead me forever onward, lead me to the place where you gave your life for mine. Let me learn to be a woman who chases after you.


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