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{October 5, 2010}   8th anniversy

8 yrs ago to day i never would have been able to guess that i would be where i am today. God worked a miricle in my life though an amazing group of guys at 5:30 pm, 8 yrs ago today.  i know that i have bloged about these amazing men before and you can click here to view that blog here:

a few months ago i wrote a letter to these guys, at the time i felt like God had finaly called me to tell these guys how much of an impact that they have made, not just in my life,because i am but 1 story on the message board, but in the lives of everyone that call themselves downhomies. it’s been an amazing 8 yrs, there have been seasons in which i found love, times where i saw no way out of my situation, and day much like today where i felt like nothing could bring me down. i was lucky enough on this past sunday to get to see the guys again in concert. it truely helped me yet again, and it was a break that i needed. i of course brought goodies in the form of food and duct-tape, and sharpies. though the songs in the set list have changed, and that we have all grown older, and matured some there was just as much of worship and the miricles of where we were to where we are. i look forward to another 80 yrs of downhere.

Downhere and I


I can remember it like it was yesterday.The girlish hopes which have long since faded to grey. The fears are gone, I have come into my own. The music that once changed me, challenges me to be better than I am today. the reason that i write is to thank him for putting you in my life. for changeing me and growing me. for makeing me the woman that i am today. though our story has not run its course and his banner must still be carried high. it is with great pride that i can call ya’ll mine. for with your help he has made me what i am today. it was though your love that i saw him for the first time. your music set his spirit free to do his work in me. the memories that i have made shall give testament for all time.


Becky says:

this is really cool, Kate. you definitely have a gift for writing. And it was cool to hear how downhere’s worked in your life again.
Also, that pic is such a good pic of all y’all!

downheregirl89 says:

thanks becky. there is always room for improvement no matter what i do, be it in my writing or in my acting or in my spirital life. take care


Emily says:

I liked Jeremy’s reaction: “Oh, Kaitlyn, 80?!”

I’m glad I got to see you again on Sunday. It was fun to hang out with you and your mom.

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