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{June 30, 2010}   life is hard

As the begining of July roles around every year, i become more introverted and artistic. I learned a very hard lesson early in my childhood and will blog more about that on the 7th. so stay tuned. For now I have some more of my poetry and will warn my readers that this latest poem is shall we say a tad bit steamy and reflects on my imagination and not any real situation in my life. so please enjoy it as imagination

Passion (6/10/10)

     As I dance beneath the starlight, I feel your eyes on me.The love which I feel makes my skin burn. As the passion builds inside me, my inhadition lowers. You are mine and I am yours. The love to which i have for you no other shall replace. The promises and dreams which were wispered beneath the fullness of the moon still burn beneath my breast. The smiles in your eyes became my hearts desire. A fleeting glimps i caught of your desire, your body burned with a passion so fleeting.The fire which burned us to the core has turned to embers that must be flamed or risk the death of our passion.

my next poem i have yet to choose a name for and am not compleatly sure that i’m finished with. again this poem is from my imagination and not a real life situation.


  The face that burns my eyes at night, elicits my strongest of desires. As my body aches for his gentlest of touch. My mind recoils knowing that his passion has long since ebbed away. My body hurts without his breath upon my skin. The heart that he once held so tenderly is bruised beyond my repair. The steamy nights torment my lonely days. The passion which we shared mock my solitary dreams. His face and scent illict a lowering inhabition. The face which sets my body on fire has turned to one more beautiful than I.


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