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{April 14, 2010}   smarties

my grandfather has always said “you’ve got to be smarter than what your working with”. so many people i know have “smart phones” you know the phones that it takes a phd to program yet is capable of internet, texting, takeing vidio and pictures, ect. since when as a socity as a whole need a computer or phone to do something other than make a call or do research? don’t get me wrong…. i love being able to get on the internet and send an email to a family member who is 100s of mile away from me. just like i love being able to take pictures w/ my phone. Many “scientists and professionals” wonder at how the “primitive” egeyptian could have made the pyimids, and how people who had only simple wood/bronze tools could have made amazing feats of archutetur. it rarely occurs to them that the people who made those thing could have actually been SMARTER than what we are today because they were closer to the time of creation than we are. they didn’t need wikipedia. they didn’t need a caluclator. nor did they need a computer program to come up with amazing azrcutechual designs. my brother and my mother are have both been astonded to find out that i was not taught algebra until 9th grade while they were required to know it by middle school (6-8th grade). as a socity we have continued to dumb down the currculem because the current generation is not as smart as the previous one was/is. as we continue to head toward the end tme we as a socity will continue to lose what we already have.


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