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{April 11, 2010}   easter

i know Easter was last weekend but i was in a location where i could get internet and have been busy until now

One of my most favorite Christmas songs is “Mary Did Yoy Know?”… and this year leading up to East i really thought and wondered what Mary really knew. I do belive that Mary knew quite a bit. Both she and Joseph would have been told the stories of their ansestors, the propchies, the hopes. They along with the rest of the jewish nation would have been waiting intently. She might have been truly suprized that God, jehovah jirah, el oheim, would choose her. Mary would have been about 8-18 according to scholars, if i had been told by an angel that i had been chosen to become the mother of the long a waited for messiah i don’t know what i would have said or done. i know i would be scared more for the fact of my age and my lack of matital status at the time than from anything else i think. i know i would question God’s judgement for a few minutes.

By growing up with the stories and prohcies Mary would have known that her child, her precious innocent baby, would have to die for the sins of the many. She may not have known EXACTLY how he would die, but i do think she knew he would have to die, she would have known that they would live in egypt for a while, but not what would cause their own flight back into the land that once enslaved their people.

I think that while she was watching her son die on cross, the MOST horrific and painful way to die in the history of man, That she had flash backs. She might have seen in her mind memories of her childhood, of the angels announcement, of the gifts from the magi ( which included myrrh), of their flight to egypt, of what  Christ said when she and Joseph returned to the temple after they could not find him among their family and friends, of the prophcies that she had been told growing up. I think that it was at the foot of the cross that she “got it” compleately. The pieces of the puzzle were compleate, everything fit together at the foot of the cross.

It was because of her courge underfire that i could become a true princess, that i could be adopted by the most amazing and loving father that anyone could ever ask for. A father that doesn’t mind me questioning him and his decions which is part of growing up both physically and spiritally. A father who even though i run away from home at times always leaves a light on and stays awake to keep watch until i choose to come home. A father who hurts when i hurt. Who when i am hurting carries me like a new father carries his newborn late at night.


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