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{January 19, 2010}   new year

december really??? that long? o well. here’s an update on what has been happening for the past month

mom’s ankle is completely healed bone wise, she is still having physical therepy but is no longer in the wheelchair and is NOT using a walker. her ankle is still swelling and the swelling travels up her leg into her knee. she has been back to a full time work load since november.

i’m still working, but have had some trouble in registering for classes at the local Jr. collage. i will be takeing care of my boss’s neighbors horses again this coming week. have taken up playing my trombone again and will hopefully be starting voice lessons at another church in the area. also intend on checking out the church on the local military base to see what all they have. i do need to start going back to the gym. maybe during the summer mom and i could take the motorcycle endosement riding course at the collage together otherwise i’ll be taking classes by myself.


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