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{December 5, 2009}   reflections on the concert

I just do not have enough words in my vocabulary to describe  it. it was wonderful getting to see the guys for the first time since July. the music was…….amazing. I loved being able to give back to the band which God used to give so much to me. I remember the first time i met the band Downhere


it was back in October of 2002. I was a very shy and withdrawn 12-year-old girl. I was used to being bullied and ignored (as long as I kept my opions to myself). I had very few if any people who I would have called my friends. my youth minister at the time had booked the band, but had issued a challenge to those of us in the youth group. whoever sold the most tickets for the concert would get to have dinner with the band before the concert, the winner would also get to go to the fall retreat for free. the night we were to announce who was the winner I was able to sell one last ticket. the youth minister asked for everyone who had sold 5 or more tickets to stand up, then 10 or more, 15 or more (most of the youth were sitting down at this point), 20 or more, 25 or more. at this point it was myself and one of the senior class guys that were standing we were asked for our total, the senior said that he had sold 25, when I was asked I proudly announce that I had sold 28.

on October 5,2002 at 5:00 o’clock pm. I went to the family life center of my church for the dinner and to meet the band. At the time I was in my middle school’s band, so when it was announced as a concert my though was more in line with a orchestral concert, not a “rock concert” so I arrived over dressed to say the least, which brought unwanted attention so I was ready to cry in private, as I was walking to the bathroom I accidentally bumped into our youth minister who was leading the drummer of the band (Jeremy) around. the youth minister introduced me and my first thought at the sight of Jeremy was that he looked like the type of guy who would be in a motorcycle gang with “mom” tattooed on his arm, I excused myself as quickly as I could. when I returned the rest of the band started to trickle in for dinner. out of all the guys I was drawn to Jason( guitar,piano, lead/background vocals) first, I gave Jason my trust first, followed by Marc (guitar,lead/background vocals), the Glenn (base), then after the concert I got to meet the then road manager Wes, and I gave him my trust. I finally got to know Jeremy more and found out he was/is the teddy bear of the group, and he got my trust. I ended up with a slight crush on Jason for a while, but have thankfully out grown it. after a few months I got up the courage to call their then manager Ray and he became not only a friend but a mentor.

it was after I met the guys that people started to notice that there was something different about me, what they didn’t know was that for the first time  in my life I felt like at least a few people actually cared about me and the reason I felt that way was because God was teaching me how to open up to people through the band, it was not uncommon for me to write 1 letter per member per day ( though Jason typically got more). I still feel closer to Jason but I adore them all the same. I do what I can to support them and their families. though there have been some changes 1 thing will always remain the same and that’s the impact that they made in my life. and I’m so proud to claim them as my favorite band


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