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{December 3, 2009}   20th birthday

20 years ago today at  a princess was born.

no longer am  a teenager, but a young adult. though things don’t feel any different, i know that they soon will be. God has done some amazing things in my life this past year. he gave me the chance to shine my lifhht in a dark and dying world. he showed me somethings in my life that needed to change, areas where i was living a hypocrital life. some of these things have been changed and some are still in the process of changing. i’ve learned that the best/quickest way to get rid of my anger/and hatered of people is to pray for them. i’ve learned to stick to my guns when it comes to some choices that i will face because by not sticking to them i could face some serious concenquinces. i’ve learned the best way to earn peoples trust is to do what i tell them i’ll do. i’ve learned how to take initive, and purserve though some hard times.

i know not where God will lead me this year but i’m strapped in and ready for an amazing rollor coaster ride called life. there are things which i hope will happen this coming year. dreams that i hope will come true. maybe next year i’ll be able to write that thoughs dreams and thing did come true, but for now they will remain ground in my hope and faith


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