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{December 1, 2009}   thanksgiving flash backs

ok, so i hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving. we went to my familys out in the boon docks of Louisanna. the area where there is no cell phone reception, no cable tv, no internet (you get the picture). anyway i thought that i should blog about what i’m thankful for.


1.) my lord and savior Jesus Christ with out whom i would be just another sheep diving off the edge of a cliff.

2.) my family. with out them i would not be here today. their love is what has turned me into the young woman i am today, though there were times that i know they probbally wanted to kill me the suffered though and taught me to be a better person. and for always loving me ( in their own ways at times) and being there to watch my back.

3.) my favorite band Downhere without them i might very well be that shy quite girl, that is so used to being overlooked that she hides her true self.

4.) my fellow downhomies with whom i am able to share my passion and love for a group of rockstars and not feel like a total dork

5.) my pets. for always giving me that unconditional love of which i am so undeserving of at times. and for always helping me to feel better when i am down in the dumps.

6.) my ex-boyfriend. for being there when i need him, and for being like a brother too me while yet remaining a true friend. for always helping me see myself as a beautiful, sexy, and desireable young lady. and for always helping to bring the best out of me.

7.) my boss. for giving me some of the best advice i could get. for allowing me so much time off so i can pursure my dreams and for resons of family buisness. for taking the time to listen to me, and for my much loved job.

8.) the military. for risking their lives to protect my constitional freedoms. for being willing to die to protect mmy loved ones and my self.

9.) my self. for remaining pure and not having children out of wedlock. for being there for the people i care about no matter the time or cirrcumstance. for being able to forgive and forget, for being relible. for not relying on the goverment to take care of me, for having incitive. for atleast trying to pursue my dreams.


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