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{October 31, 2009}   update

well i didn’t make it to the orlando audition due to lack of $$$. i am having a hard time beliving that the Barbizon competion is next weekend, there’s so many emotion and thoughts that are colliding within my psyche. was it really almost a year ago that i attened the Barbizon competion for the first time? was it really the same amout of time since i was an honorable metion? am i ready to go through this again. am i even the same person now as i was then.

mom got medical clearence to go back to work on Monday, she now has a “short” green fiberglass cast on her ankle and has a wheelchair that elevates her leg. she will go back in 2 weeks and they will remove the cast to put a boot on, at that time they will also give her some sort of electroad thing that is supposed to stimulate the bone. will be going to help her at her job when i get done with mine ( i don’t care how much she protests). she’s even liking my cooking now.


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