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{October 10, 2009}   life’s little breaks

soo, my mom broke her right ankle in 4 seperate places on 10/2/09, she had tried to leave work early so we could go and change my insurance coverage. mom stepped off the curb and dropped; thus breaking her ankle. she of course has to do workman’s comp becouse the accident happened while she was on school campus. she was sent to the Andrews insitute in Gulf Breeze,FL ( about an 30 minute to 1 hour drive from the house), she has been schudelaled for surgery to repair her ankle on Monday at 6:30-9:00 am.

i have a hairshow audition in Orlando,Fl on the 23-26, with a weekend between the hairshow audition and my Barbizon Competion in Birmingham,AL ( Nov 7-8), life is stress at this point with my worrying about mom’s well being and my worries about my future. my own selfcosinous and selflothing is slowly and painfully being replace by the grace of which my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ saved me by. Christ is showing me so many things at this stage of my life.


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