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{August 24, 2009}   scholorship audition results

i won. i must now come up with $895.00 dollars for the entry fee. then i must pay around $150.00 – $300.00 for a hotel room, then i have around $300.oo for gas & food (to,at,from) for the trip to Birmingham, AL. When i attened for the same competion back in december the entry fee was $795.00 and my total cost was about $1,500.00- $2,000.00. i did enjoy the comradory that i devolop with the girls in my division (plus size aka  full figured), compaired to the other divisions mine was very tight knit we were extermly supportive of each other and about started jumping and down on the runway during the award ceremony when we found out who in our group won 1st place for our division. it was an amazing experince and i look forward to possibly having the same experince this year. this will be the last year i will do this competion unless i start getting booked for jobs becouse i do not have the money to continue to compeate. at some point i must get a decent paying job.


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