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{August 7, 2009}   Questions (originally written 5/6/08)


Do I trust my heart or follow my brain? Do I take the risk just to be hurt again? Do I dare to love again?

Can my heart survive? Can i stand to put my trust in another man? Can I bear to pick up the pieces of my broken heart?

Shall I follow my instinct to run or stay and wait to see what might happen to me? Shall I allow another man into my life? Shall I move past all my pain and regret?

Is this the road between the rock and hard place? Is this the fork in the road? Is this the result of my past decisions?

How will I know that it’s time to move on? How will I know that I made the right choice? How can I trust in a man again?

When will this pain leave? When will the regret fade? When will my memory be gone?


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