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{August 3, 2009}   thought provoking

“I am worn out with dreams.” W.B. Yates

As a child grows up they have dreams of what they want to be as adults. many want to be doctors, cops, firemen, a few want to be firetrucks, or don’t want to grow up at all. as life progress and we “grow up”,  we encounter problems which wears down the passion we had as children. we begin to belive what the world tells us about ourselves. that we can’t do it. that we are to fat or ugly, or stupid, or just plain lazy. some of the comments hurt worse becouse they come from those we love, others come from compleate strangers, and yet the worst come from within ourselves. how is it that i’m willing to listen to someone who doesn’t even know me and base my decision on their viewpiont? wouldn’t it make more sense to continue to pursaver and to follow my dreams to become something great. to be my own entity, without undue influnce from my worst critics


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