Downheregirl89's Blog

{August 1, 2009}   one shitty day

 got up in a good mood today and went to work, after being only a 1/4 done w/ my work the weather decided to down pore, after it stoped raing ( and against my better judgement) i went back to compleate my work. i had tied one of the horses up to the bathing unit, i then turned to clean the horse’s stall, i heard a “crack” and turned back around in time to see the horse freaking out, the horse had broken the pvc pipe that the water hose was attached to, water was gussing everywhere and wouldn’t you know it there was NO shut off valve for the water, so while my boss was gone i had to get a neighbor to call ECUA to get the water shut off at the main valve near the road, after 2 hrs of water gussing the water company finally showed and turned the water off, the neighbor was able to finally fix the pipe for me, and just as i was about to turn the water back on my boss arrived back home and was very proud at how i handled the sutituation. needless to say my patince was shot for the day.


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